"Method not Found" error during frequency response measurement


First post on the forum. Been using a QA401 as a development tool for the last year and am very pleased with it. I am now beginning to use it as a production tool via Tractor but I am having some problems. Currently running Tractor 1.000 and Analyzer 1.920.

I have followed the tutorials (which were very nicely written, thank you!) and I can do a single frequency gain test with no issues. However I can’t seem to get a frequency mask to work. I have a known good mask that passes/fails in the QA401 software as expected. But when I call that mask using a FreqResponseA01 test, the test auto-fails. The log message is:

Method not found: ‘Void Com.QuantAsylum.QA401Interface.RemotingRunSingleFrExpoChirp(Double, Double, Int32)’.

I performed a clean install and the issue persists. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your time!

EDIT (2/20/21): Reverting to QA401 1.909 seems to have solved the issue.

Hi @john_eae, thanks very much for posting this. I think it’s been fixed in release 1.01 of Tractor. The number of arguments changed in a earlier release of the QA401 to accommodate using right channel as a reference for phase, but that broke something in Tractor.

Release is HERE

This requires the QA401 software to be 1.923