UK Delivery and Customs fees?

I am keen to buy myself a QA403 for Christmas. Does anyone here have experience of delivery from the US to the UK? Does it get held up? What happens with VAT and customs fees, and how much are they?


I’d be curious about this too if anyone in the EU in general has some data points, please share if you can.

I ordered a QA403 recently and paid approx $620 (approx £500 at today’s exchange rate, but I paid using PayPal which has its own rate of exchange) plus approx £112 in postage and customs charges to UPS (which was less than I was expecting). The delivery was very fast and trouble free straight to my front door. In fact, I usually have more problems buying from within the UK than when buying from the USA. Hope this helps.

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Just received a QA403 thru DHL, sent on November 22, delivered on November 24 in Paris, FR.

Customs clearance was a breeze, DHL billed me for their clearing service (17.50 €), plus local VAT @ 20 % on the cost of goods + shipping fee + customs clearance fees for a total of 139.50 €, paid online on November 23 following a DHL notification.

Your VAT and customs fees should be similar (the VAT rate is the same and I guess that DHL charges are identical) but I dunno how long clearance can take in the post-Brexit UK.

As the shipment originates from the US of A, I guess that it’ll be quite short, but you never really know.

I imported an QA403 to the UK in April, it’s basically unit + shipping + 20% VAT. So it cost around the £650 in total. Thank you Tax Man. I’m doing my part.

Clearance was quick. A day.