Where is the phase curve on frequency response?

I got a QA401 and try to use it, but I have some problems I can not solve. The ergonomics are weird, especially as I’m used to Audio Precision stuff.

I’ve been trying to get frequency response for tuning a regulation loop, but i couldn’t find a way to show the phase response, which is needed for checking phase margins of the system.
There is a greyed check box in the settings, but I don’t know what to do with it, where it is available and where to show it. I’ve search anywhere but with no success.
There is an article " Release 1.919 and Phase Measurements" that tells about a " “AMP Frequency Response Chirp” plugin"; but I don’t know what is it, where to find it, even if it is provided somewhere.
Why phase curve are not by default shown ?

I’m pretty sure the response is obvious but I couldn’t find it…


Ok, I’ve found it.
But why this is not by default in the generic measurement and need some external plugin ?


Hi @jipihorn, I think it’s there but not enabled as you’ve seen. Let me check.

Seems that there is no phase data on the regular plot :grin:


Hi @jipihorn, yes for the QA401 and QA40x there is no phase on the main display. Both rely on a plug-in for phase measurements.