Which cables to use

Hello, I received four days ago my QA403 and QA451B.

My needs are to do measurements for HiFi Audio amplifiers, DAC, CD players and network players.

Which cables and accessories do you suggest to buy to complete my setup, please? @matt

Thank you very much.


Hi @PFM, here’s a good overview on accessories you may want.

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Thank you very much for your help! Just ordered all parts.

By the way, to test CD Players, DAC, network streamers or music servers, is it possible to read the signal test from a file put on a pendrive usb?

Otherwise, how to do the tests, please?

Sorry for the noob questions, but I am very beginner in Audio measurements.

Thank you very much @matt

Hi @PFM, yes, this is commonly called “open loop testing.” In short, you need to prepare (with the QA40x software) a special exponential chirp WAV. And then move that to the device you want to test. And once you are ready to play it, you will right click on the Run/Stop button to bring up the “triggered acquisition” dialog below. Here you set your trigger level and then start. And then you play the WAV on the DUT.


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@matt that’s absolutely awesome! Thank you very much for your help.