1U Rackmount kit

As i travel around a lot i really like the small size and portability of the QA401 (and QA400).
For my workbench though, i would like to see the option to buy a 1U rackmount kit.

I would prefer to see at least two versions,
one for a single QA401 (or other compatible units) and one kit for a pair, i.e. QA401 with QA450.


Would something like this work for you?

Hi @Ludvig I think the generic solution that @ilya shared is a good approach and quick, especially if you need to grab and hit the road. For those tat are building test stations we can do fully custom panels. I’ll check if there’s a QA401 and QA450 that’s already been done. But below you can see a QA401 + QA351 in a single 1U and you can also see a QA401 + dual QA470 + QA460 in a 2U.