Absolute voltage display/control for in/out

By providing a manual calibration step*, it would be fantastic if we can get absolute voltages displayed in the software.

On the AP, or signal gen on a scope, etc, I mainly use this for getting a known sine Vpp when vaidating dynamics.

  • unless the hardware itself has enough knowledge to know its 0dBFS vs voltage swing on the ins & outs.

Hi @audio-dav, the QA401 will display absolute values without any calibration if you are in dBV mode. Just click the dBV button in the Axis settings, and then you can read off peak values, RMS values, etc. Did I understand your question correctly?

oups! :sunglasses: totally missed this.
most ADC’s and DAC’s tend to specify in Vpp, so it would be nice being able to view it in this scale as well.

Especially fo the generators, it’s nice to be able to set a fixed i.e. 1.0Vpp out

Yes, agree for sure more flexibility is always better for units