Gen 1 and Gen 2 behaviour issues

Gen 1 and Gen 2 are not displaying the same voltage conversions for the same -dBV inputs whether operated via direct entry, up/down fine controls or Gen+1 keypad entry.

I wanted 150mV. I can trim to the second decimal place on Gen 2 to get 150mV (there seems to be a rounding/conversion/display bug)



Can we please get Gen+2 direct entry like Gen+1?

It seems that if you don’t use the direct entry (ctrl+1), reset the QA software (restart) and just use the up/down controls, the two gen outputs are the same when measured with an external mV meter.

If you reset by entering dBV to zero (1V),then both gens will track each other, but you can only have 149mV or 151mV.

This will be important when (if) we get individually controlled generators (left and right).

Hi @restorer-john, how can I replicate this, starting with File->New Settings? If I set both to -16.45 dBV, they both display 150 mV. Do you want an extra significant digit for the mV display?

For the Gen+2 direct, got it! There’s a bug fix coming that will update the way IMD is computed thanks to a diligent user that has done an a lot of sleuthing across a range of platforms (ARTA, REW, Virtins, AP)