Another possible problem with .9961?

I noticed that I was not able to get the power level I needed out of my integrated amp with just a 1khz GEN1 signal at -12dBV for a normal THD + N measurement. I bumped the level up to -3dBV and still couldn’t get my 30w, which I had before w/out any problems:

The Right channel shows 9.51Vrms peak. I put it in idle mode and measured the same point with my scope and did not get near that value (sorry, no screen capture :flushed: )

I loaded 995 back in and was able to get my 30W for the Right channel:

and then I put it into Idle and measured with my scope and got this:

which shows that agreement with the QA402’s reading of 15.5Vrms.

So there is something going on that is not allowing the generator to output at the same levels as it had before…or maybe I am spending way too much time with the QA402 and missing something…

Hi @VAR, one observation in your plots is that you are displaying output. That’s not a very useful thing to display normally, mostly just as a cross check but you are in that mode in all these plots and also in plots in other posts, so I just thought I’d note it in case. Now, that shouldn’t have any impact on the amplitude setting…

I just checked 0.9961 for -10, 0, 10 and 18 dBV out and it measured as expected with a DVM. Can you verify with 0.9961 it works as expected for you too? Also, if you see something odd like that, first re-start the app and see if it fixes. And if not, then re-plug the box and see if it fixes (keep the app running). That will give a clue where the issue might be. And then you can revert to a previous version and see if it doesn’t.

I reinstalled .9961 and once it launched, did FILE>NEW and reconfigured the measurements I wanted and it seems to be working correctly as far the giving the power levels, so life on that front is okay. As far always displaying OUTPUT and not INPUT, I guess I think of OUTPUT as being the Output of the DUT, and not the QA402…