QA403 feature request

Probably most of the users of this device are engineers and are used to dB units so it might not be an issue, however I am an amateur and for me Vrms are more “user friendly” units. I am measuring DACs, DSPs, and car head units where typical users are used to see Volts as the output unit. I would like to request to add a selectable option to display Vrms on the X axis of the THD vs Level graph.
As well it would be great to have the attenuation buttons in Volts as well as the generator level. I mean as an amateur, my brain works much better with “normal” volts. Maybe there could be a selection in preferences to choose “global units” for everything? like if I select Vrms everything everywhere is in volts, the graphs would he generated using V on the X axis.

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Hi @RAW-CAt, you can display measurements in Vrms, but most graphs need to display several orders of magnitude of information, and so the graph makes the most sense in dB of some kind.

When you are setting the generator and reading peaks, you can opt for readings in volts if you’d like.

dBV is quite easy to get comfortable with. 0 dBV is 1V, -20 dB is 100mV, -40 dBV is 10mV. And -50 dBV is 3.16mV. You can see the repeating pattern.

dBu is harder to remember, but if you think of it as an offset from dBV, it’s a bit more palatable.

Below you can see the readings in Vrms.