Anyone using QA40x with a Tablet?

Just putting together my QA402 kit. Wondering if anyone has any experience running a tablet based setup?

I’ve read that GUI will run full screen @1920 x 1080 res, so i’ll grab one that supports that.

Looking at second hand MS Surface 3. Can pick them up for about £80.

Hi Guys, who of you have unused QA403, I want to buy please contact me, thank you.

I am using a surface Pro so a much higher resolution.

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I’m using an Asus t3300ka tablet, you can currently get these for about 365 dollars US on Amazon. It has a great OLED 13.3" 1080p touch screen, pretty awesome and bright too. It has a slow cpu - Intel N6000 4 core, not a lot of ram 4GB and a pretty slow eMMC 128GB storage drive. However, If you run one app at a time, it seems fine for running the QA40x boxes and software or at least has been for me so far. Multitasking will be a challenge for some Apps. It only has two USB-C ports, so make sure you get an adapter if needed.

Mine came with Windows 11 home and seems to run the software just fine.

The OLED screen is really good, especially for the price. It claims 550 nits and HDR500 support. Comes with power supply, detachable keyboard, carry bag and rechargeable pen.