Averaging set to 0,popup Power meter

Hello, using Q401 for almost year for now and must say its great unit.
But i would like to kindy ask for two things:
Would be nice to have single button to set averages to 0 rather than just clicking 10 times to set to 0. Is it possible to set averages to 0 with one click ?
Power (voltage) indicator is small, would be nice to have option to open “popup” window with output power meter…
When i am sitting behind the bench, measuring amp, i would like to measure for ex. at 1W. First i must set averages to 0 (otherwise power indicator is changing and final value is displayed after all averages are done) ,then set output level of generator (this time i must move closer to screen to read value :slight_smile: ) than set averages back to 10 for ex…
Thanks, Petr

Hi @djrix, if you hold the control button while clicking on the average button, it will move 5X faster. So you can get up or down from 15 averages pretty quickly.

Yes, agree on popup for selected readings. Added as issue on github below.

If you have a large number of averages set and you’d like the re-averaging to start again due to some changes, hit the “reset” button after you’ve made some changes and it will clear the history and start the averaging all over again. But otherwise, you see the averaging happening in real time. So, the first reading taken after averaging starts will be pretty close to the final if the measurement is static.