How to compress X axis?

What is the trick to compress the X axis? The manual has examples of frequency range I can’t see without scrolling the axis with the mouse and CTL key. Does it say in the manual somewhere?

Hi @bklein, what do you mean by compressing the X axis? Do you mean specifying the range? If so, you can right click on the Log Axis button:


That will bring up the context menu. And then specify 1K to 10K

And then the X Axis start and stop will be updated:

Thanks, I didn’t try that. Now that I do though I see that I sometimes get range errors and it fails.
In your QA40x and IMD Measurements doc page 3/7 there is a max number of 100000. I can’t get that to take. I am using 1.924 software - which doesn’t look like your example. Is there newer software available?

Hi @bklein, if you are 1.924 then you are using the QA401 is that right? Yes, that is the latest version for the QA401. On the QA401, the max setting is determined by the sample rate you have selected. So, if your sample rate is 48K, then your max X axis has to less than 48K.

On the QA40x software, the max X range is always 200K.