Line-level or usb measurement mic's


browsing measurement mic’s that can be used without the need for a good pre-amp,
i.e. line straight in to the QA402.

  • an option would be USB-mic, capture to wav, send to QA soft via api
  • another would be if there were a really flat response mems mic and tie it straight to the I2S input header on the QA402


I have one of these usb mics that come with a downloadable calibration file. They may be cheaper elsewhere:

hi! curious how do you use that with the QA software ?

I use the mic with REW software for speaker measurements- have not had a need to use it with the QA software & am not sure how it would be used, to be honest)- but it is a decent usb mic that has a calibration file…

For speakers (all acoustic transducers) REW is much more developed and capable than the QA software. QA would be a good choice for a production environment but for broader applications, development, room acoustics etc. REW or ARTA are quite popular. I don’t think there is a practical way to use the USB mike with QA since you need the stimulus in a known time relationship with the sound pickup.

thanks, never used REW or ARTA as I’m mainly focusing in production test.

have experience using Clio and Listen Inc for freq response & gain limits as well as rub&buzz + air-leak testing. are there any open source tools that can do this well?