QA40x hardware and software capabilities

Besides using a QA40x for amp and preamps I would like to test loudspeakers as well.
Do I need extra hardware besides a calibrated microphone?
Can a QA40x use calibration data from a microphone?
Is there another QuantAsylum device that helps facilitate this?
Thank you.

You can measure speaker impedance with the QA40x. You do have to build your own cables to do so, but it is not too expensive or time consuming. There is a automated test and I believe a elp file on how to do it.

Thank you for the info.

What about the frequency response?
(20Hz to 20kHz)

That is the range I use. It takes a little practice to get the drive levels correct that you use to sweep with, and you need a small amplifier, like 1-5watts. I have been very happy with the results

Is it possible to use the calibration data from a calibrated microphone?

Hi @Sparky, yes, you can. It would be done via User Weighting. Right click on the buttom below:


And then the dialog will open:


You can read the text above in the dlg to get an idea of what is going on. What is important here is to make sure the sign of the correction is correct. If you enter a value of -5 at a given frequency, then what is displayed will be BOOSTED by 5 dB. And values between entered frequencies are interpolated.

Matt, is there a limit in the number of points the “user weighting file” can contain?

Hi Matt, thank you for your answer.
Good that the software could take the microphone’s calibration data. Sadly I would either need a dedicated Windows machine or I need to get the QA software running on a Mac.
Well, that’s my problem, not yours…

Thanks for your replies, truly appreciated.
Now I just need to be able to order one :stuck_out_tongue: