Plug-in sample code


I would like to get plug-in sample code. Is it the right place to ask?

Hi @suktan, yes it is! If you look in the QA401 install directory, there’s an API folder. In there you should see a “THD versus Power DLL Example” zip file.

Just to make sure, there are a few different things you could write, depending on the problem you want to solve:

  1. A Plugin let’s you script a series of test point for a certain type of measurement. Generally, this is if you want to build a graph showing performance over different operating points, where you ask the user to specify the range of operation in an intro dialog box.

  2. A Visualizer will let you see the acquired data stream as it’s being collected. You can then process that time-series data and generate real-time feedback on that data. You may or may not add UI elements to let the user change operating parameters (eg filter bandwidth).

  3. An External App can completely control the QA401 to do just about anything you’d like. In the API directory you can see the file “Remoting Test (external).zip” for an example on how to do this.

  4. Finally, you can write a test for Tractor. The source for Tractor is on GitHub. Tractor is best is you want to have an operator run repetitive tests.

Feel free to ask questions as needed.

Thank you Matt for your quick response.

I installed QA401 1.907 and VS2019 Ver 16.6.1 and simply tried to rebuild the “Remoting Test” project. DotNET Framework 4.5.2 is selected in the build process.

Error as shown below occurred. Is there a DLL file for inclusion in the build process?

Hi @sukfan, yes, you need to add the QAAnalyzer.exe to your build. Usually that file is at c:\Program Files (x86)\QuantAsylum\QA401\ location. But on each machine it could be different depending on how you installed it.

If you add that exe as a reference (right click on references and then add it

Thank you Matt. The build process is completed without error.