QA402 Residual Visualizer

The residual visualizer seems to work as intended, but how can I zoom out once I’ve zoomed in (by drawing a boundary box around the part I want to zoom in on)?

Are there hot keys to zoom in/out and for any other functions in the visualizer?

The only way I can ‘reset’ the zoom now is by closing the box and relaunching it.

Hi @Rammis, right click in the display area and pick “set scale to default” or “undo all zoom” to get back to where you were. The first is helpful if you have way overzoomed and lost your way.


Hi Matt,

I seem to get a residual that is 180deg out of phase. This is compared to another application I’m using. Is it possible that there is a flip in the residual?

Hi @Botte, thanks for nothing, I will get it confirmed before the next release

Hi Matt,

Under a little closer examination, you can see that the asymmetric residual seems to align correctly to the signal but both are plotted 180deg out like it’s just a neg vs pos in the graph.

My two cents,

Many thanks,

Hi @Botte,

The issue is an internal phase inversion. It will be fixed for the next release. Thanks for pointing out.

Hi @Botte, this should be fixed in 1.135 located HERE

Hi Matt,

Looks good, thanks

I like the new button layout as well.