QA40x Release 1.160

A new release is up for the QA402 and QA403.

For those working on audio effects, guitar pedals, etc, there are some improvements to the wow and flutter visualizer to better support DUTs that intentionally modify the sound. An example here would be a chorus or flanger pedal.

There are also a few new visualizers added, including one to help you quickly characterize basic filter types. Right now it can only do bandpass. But more are coming.

Lots more at the Github link above.

Hi Matt,
I have played around with V1.160B and my QA402. For the Oscilloscope visualization I have two comments:

  • I had regular issues with Oscilloscope view, it is not very stable and crashes often. It crashed in particular when I was clicking in the gray field. I know that the Oscilloscope is still experimental, so I was not expecting it to work perfectly.
  • Zomming with the mouse is great in the Oscilloscope view but it would be also very practical to have an option to chose Xmax, Xmin, Ymax and Ymin (e.g. 1000ms … 1015ms, -0.25V … +0.25V). This would make it easier to navigate in the time domain. (Maybe this is implemented but I have not figured out how to do it)
    Anyway, great new features!

Thank you for continuously improving the QA40x software and implementing new features. I’m looking forward to the QA404. SIlicon situation is still pretty challenging also for my projects. TI and AD have incerdibly long lead times for certain audio opamps, low noise voltage regulators and voltage inverters. I have never seen such shortage in my many years as an engineer.

Best regards

Hi @Avo, yes, confirmed and these will get fixed next week along with other things added to help with usability.

The silicon mess continues to be almost too incredible to believe…For some time I have tracked what % of TI’s DCDC portfolio is in stock at Digikey. The assumption is that the historic data would help inform when the misery will be ending more broadly. And incredibly, after more than a year of falling, it is starting to show movement in the other direction. The low point was late May of this year, when just over 20% of TI’s portfolio was in stock at Digikey–nearly 80% of the “normally stocked” parts were unavailable. As of late, the trend is reversing and inventory is ticking upwards. So, good change is happening like we’ve not seen in the last year. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of the shortage. Let’s hope the trend holds.

Some analysts have said that a global recession will be needed to help fix this. Last week, appliance makers Whirlpool and Electrolux AB said demand had plunged and they were starting to see growing inventories. Yesterday, FedEx reported they saw demand slumping. As the big players that are buying directly from the silicon vendors tighten their belts, it will finally allow distributors to re-fill their stock as the silicon makers have excess inventory to re-direct to the distributors.

Hi @AVO, the oscilloscope exception should be fixed in 1.161, and the ability to set X axis numerically was added too.