Erasing the spectrum from the screen

Hi @matt I have noticed that when you stop spectrum acquisition and then turn off the generator, the acquired spectrum is erased from the screen. I think it would be a good thing if when the generator is switched off, the acquired spectrum continues to remain on the screen so that it can be examined at will. It could be made so that the erasure occurs when the generator is switched on and not when it is switched off. Thank you

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Hi @Claudio, the screen will generally clear itself whenever you make a change that would render the current display invalid. For example, if you take a plot with an 8K FFT, and then stop it, and then increase the FFT to 32K, and then print it, it would be erroneous and confusing. So, if you change a parameter that matters, the screen will clear in most all cases. A quick solution is to do a control+spacebar. That will do a single run and update the trace.

Hi @matt. Thank you for your reply. What you say is all very well and good that it is so. But I meant something else. I noticed that when you stop the acquisition, without changing anything in the acquisition parameters that would make the screen invalid, turning off the generator immediately clears the screen. I often use this procedure, when I finish acquiring an FFT I generally switch off the DUT and to avoid problems I also switch off the generator so that I can calmly examine the FFT acquired and present on the screen. Unfortunately, however, by doing this the screen is cleared and the possibility to study the acquired FFT is lost. In other words, in my opinion, it would be better if the screen was erased when the generator was switched on and not when it was switched off. Perhaps it is me who does not know how to keep the screen in this condition. Thank you