QA 403 Software Tabs/levels ,zoom, generator do not recall correctly

Tabs in the top row across the screen do not come back as they were saved.
Why is it that is in the pictures shown, that the windows that show levels, frequency etc. do not recall correctly from a custom set up?
That is:
Develop a custom set up where the upper tabs are where you want them to be, save the set up, recall the set up, and they come back in a totally different position?
Generator settings:
We need the generator settings visible at all times –
it’s not like they can to suddenly go away in the tab row, when the generator is on-off.
Zoom settings-
When we have something zoomed in the time domain of waveform we expect those same zoom settings to be retained with a custom set up. Not that it goes back to the original condensed waveform that was not zoomed. Is this a bug or is it something that can be implemented? All were basically asking for is what we saved to come back in the cases above as we saved the parameters for. I think that’s a pretty basic need and that’s the way that most things work in the world.

I agree about having the generator settings being able to be seen at all times if so desired. Aside from the attenuator coming back at 42dB, when I recall an instrument everything comes back the way it was- not sure about the zoom though…

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There are some settings that don’t persist across a close/open cycle. Example of these include idle tone generation, graph title, weighting, averaging and prebuffer. However, if you open a settings file, these will load as expected. The reason for not honoring the settings upon application startup is that they might be dangerous to the DUT and/or confusing.

For example, if you have idle tone generation enabled for testing something, and you come back to work on something else a week later and re-start the app, you might not want the analyzer to generate a tone immediately without you pushing any buttons upon app launch. That’s also why the analyzer always powers up with max full scale input (atten active), and when the app starts it respects the analyzer setting (max full scale input) regardless of the setting when you close the app.

The next release of the software will honor the ordering of the measurement tiles.

You can quickly add the generator measurement tile by pressing the 1 key (toggle generator 1 on/off). When enabled, the generator tile will appear. Same with things like RMS. Just press the RMS measurement button, and you’ll get an RMS measurement tile for each active trace. Press RMS again and it will remove the measurement. THD and the others will do the same, honoring your preference (% or DB). A case could be made for switching between freq and time domain should preserve your last view. But another case could be made to start fresh on each. Currently I think the behavior for both is pressing TIME or FREQ will reset the view.