QA203D software for Windows

I’m looking for QA203D Waveform Generator datasheet and PC software. Could somebody kindly to share with me? Thanks a lot.

Hi @Seamas, this product is really old, but I think the installer is still around. Let me check…Thanks!

Hi @seamas, below is the installer for the QA212 version 1.24, which should cover the QA203D. Please let me know what you see. I would bet this would require Windows 7 or similar.

I don’t found a Window 7 PC, So I try to install on a Window 10 PC. The software install is successfully, but fail on USB driver install.

Yes, Microsoft made some fairly large changes between Windows 7 and Windows 10 related to driver signing. And they broke a lot of USB with that change too. I think you will need to find a signed driver for the USB, and that would probably come from the driver maker. Or, you could use a VM and run Windows 7.

After I turn off the drive digital signatures on Windows 10, the driver could install successfully. But I meet another problem when run the QA212 software, It will pop-ups a message box show “No connection associated with this command”. I not sure what is wrong?

Hi @Seamas, Can you run in a VM to get back to a clean install of Windows 7? That would let you see if it’s an OS issue or other first.