Using the QA403 to play .wav files

I can record ~20Seconds of audio at 48kHz (1M FFT) on the QA-403 and it sounds awesome!

But, I’d like to be able to play those .wav files I have saved and loaded, but can’t seem to (maybe I’m missing something). I can analyse the loaded .wav file I know, but playing out the outputs?

It’d be good to be able to play test pieces into amplifiers I am working on as musical content is always the sanity check after test signals and the analyzer would be already connected.

@matt would it be easy/possible to have a ‘user .wav’ file button on the generator panel like the ‘user’ weighting buttons? That could load a ‘user’ .wav for outputting/analyzing.

I saw a QA user had created a player from the QA in the bare metal thread but that’s way beyond my skills.

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Hi @restorer-john, if you right click on the RUN button in the QA40x app, you’ll see a dialog open. and one of the tabs is “Audition” where you can load a wav and play it.

Alternately, if you use Tractor you can script tests. One of the tests you can create is an audition test. This allows you to play a WAV file out of the QA40x so that an operator can check for scratchy pots. For example, think of a test for a guitar amp. You’d encode a WAV at the correct sample rate (48k) and bit depth (32-bit float). The WAV for a guitar amp would be a low-level guitar signal without any processing (distortion, reverb, delay, etc). And then, when that test is run, the WAV will play and the operator can turn all the pots and confirm there aren’t any scratchy pots with your ears. You can opt to loop the WAV too. When the operator has confirmed all the pots, they click pass.


That is so cool. I thought I had right clicked on everything but never considered the ‘run’ button had options!

Thanks Matt!