Version 1.201- strange behavior

Hi @Matt. I noticed a peculiar and strange behavior in version 1.201. The window size is stored and restored on a new startup provided that the size itself is set “manually”. If I instead use the windows option to maximize the window, this, at the next startup is not stored and the window is visualized in a little reduced form. This happens with both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This is not a serious problem, but if it could be avoided it would be a good thing. Thanks

I’ve noticed this as well. The window shows up on the monitor it was on when I shut the application down, but it is not maximized, even though it was at the time I closed it. This happens both on my Windows 10 and 11 machines.

Window resizing also happens when you use: “File” “Save Bitmap As…”

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Confirmed. This also occurred in version: 1.199
the window shrinks in width to around half its original size.

[edit: love the window size/position save though, thanks!]

Not if the screen is maximised, then it doesn’t resize itself when you “save bitmap as…”

In fact: there seems to be 2 issues: (1) the window is not stored when maximized by Windows and (2), if the window is not maximized by Windows the use of “save bitmap as…” causes the window to resize. Obviously neither problem is critical

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Hi @Claudio, thanks for noting. When the window is maximized and you close it, you’ll see it goes to a non-minimized or maximized size (aka normal) just before closing. This is due to the bug where the window gets minimized and stuck in the taskbar and can no longer be restored unless you shift + right click on the icon.

Let me check and see if this can be skipped if maximized. Closing the app when minimized will for sure cause it to get stuck, which is why it restores itself.