How to get left side of menu to show on bottom?

Probably a stupid question, but I have been unable to view the bottom of the left side buttons. That side stops at the bottom of the graph on the right, what am I doing wrong?

Check this thread, it may help you:

Hi @TerryM, in addition to the link VAR provided, there are 2 issue to be aware of:

One is just a UI issue that is related to discoverability. If you roll the mouse wheel on the panel (or two finger swipe on track pad usually) OR use the page up/down buttons, you can show different areas of the control panel

The second issue (in the link from VAR) is related to a screen scaling issue that is manifesting as tall dialog boxes being cut off.

Is your issue first or second?

Thanks Matt,

The first issue was my problem, both the mouse wheel and page up & down buttons worked to display the entire control panel.

I tried everything with scaling and nothing worked, thanks for solving my issue.