QA402 Software V0.998 Add Mesurement missing OK button

As per the title trying to add measurements.

After clicking on the dialog box and selecting the measurements I would like there is no OK button to click to add the measurements and have the dialog box go away.

Hi @DamianW. Normally that dialog is 484 wide by 682 in height. It appears that Windows has clipped that dialog to 640 in height. My guess is that you are on a high-dpi screen, and Windows has magnified everything by 2X. So, the 640 is actually clipped the height to 1280. A surface pro can be 1520, 1824 or 1920 in height, and eyeballing things it looks like your display is around 1824 or 1920 in height.

You can also see the bitmap control panel on the left has been oddly resized by the OS (note the large gap).

If you right click on the QA40x.exe program, you can adjust some properties. Do any of these change how the program is rendered?

I’ll check into changing the height of that dialog to 640 max.