What is the best screen resolution to work full screen?

Hi, this is my first post. I received my unit 402 some weeks ago and I working with it every day, it is a great product.
I want to purchase a small computer, like mini cpu, to incorparte the 402 to my setup of work. I think to buy a small monitor.
I was tested the 402 in a different computers, but I can’t find any screen where the aplication doesn’t need scroll down to acces to all buttons, included 1920 x 1080. I was reeding several post without solution to it. Is there any solution for this? Thanks.

Hi @Sebas, the aim is to have the entire UI fit onto 1920 x 1080 without scrolling, but some more UI work needs to be done there. The arrow keys and page up/down will scroll the control panel. As will the mouse wheel.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
All versions fits in 1920x1080? I´m using 0.9999 at this moment. I experimented some problems, it crhash sometimes, but I don´t know why.May be the supply voltage. At the beging I used a W10 running on MacBook but was a terrible. Now, I´m working in a standart PC. This is better but is imposible to fits window. Some recomendation to solve it?

Hi @Sebas, you should upgrade to 1.134 at the link below. It has a lot of improvements. Does your mouse have a wheel? If you spin the wheel while hovering over the controls the new controls are exposed. On a track pad, that is usually emulated via two finger drag up and down. If you don’t have a mouse, the page up/page down work in the later releases.

In release 1.135 HERE there is a more compact UI with some other changes to layout. It almost fits full screen. I think ultimately what is needed here is the ability to have a carousel that the user can configure. So, each person can order the control groups as needed.

Note the run/stop button moves to the top of the stack, which has caused me some short term confusion. But I think this will help with discoverability for new users. Please try and see what you think.

Hi Matt.
Last week I installed version 1.134 and we used it for about 6/8 hours without crashing. Seems more stable than V 0.9999, thanks. The screen is not fixed but I have some pending test to try to solve it.
I am going to check 1.135 to know this version. Thanks for the recommendation.
We are using the system anyway and are happy with the results. We need to continue delving into the use of the different tools and how to get the most out of them. Thanks for the cooperation. Greetings.

I like the way you have rearranged the interface :smiley:

I installed version 1.135 . I love it !!! the new distribution doesn’t need to scroll the screen everytime that I need to chenge something. I prefeer this version than previous.

“I think ultimately what is needed here is the ability to have a carousel that the user can configure. So, each person can order the control groups as needed.”

It will be the best UI, cause not all people use the same operating way.
Let me introduce my point view, the syze of some buttons could be small than actual size. But, it´s depends of screen size of each user. The carrousel and custom size of user pannel should be a great solution.
If you manage to implement these changes the whole community will love you.

Thanks for your time, regards.

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Hi @Sebas, I agree with that. The aim is to work well on a 1920x1080 touch screen, which means for now the buttons need to be a bit bigger. But for sure more customization and improvement is needed here. I love all the old test equipment where the front panel had every button you could imagine. There were few menus. I loved the HP dynamic signal analyzers (picture below). Just a sea of buttons! And such a joy to operate!

Hi @Matt, I agree with you !!. I have all equipmets full hardware, the QA402 is my first PC based instrument. I prefeer standalone instruments, but this it expensive. I understand the problematic about screen, and it is hard to take all users opinions. The idea of keep in a 1920 x 1280 full screen is great !! I follow the idea to do with QA402 a standalone unit and the idea of touch screen is the way.

Though I never used the 3562A, I love HP equipment too. I doubt I will ever forget how to do the basic cal for an 8566 Spectrum Analyzer. But I sure love my QA402!

This kind of units are fantastic. But they are a bit old, and the new equipment are very expensive for small companies. I keep in my mind the idea to make a standalone system with QA442. It could be with a touch screen or using a normal screen plus buttoms o rotary enconder, or both.
I have no time at this moment, but I going to start test next months.