Wanted: QA403 (US Customer)

I’m looking for a QA403 here in the US (Minnesota). I can’t get a reply from Sales OR Support so I have no idea as to when they will become available again. I have access to a 401 but hear they are not as good as the 402-404 models. Thanks


I have not seen any estimates as to when the 403 will be available and the last I did see, was over a month ago.

Hi @Bonzoro, the problem is we don’t know when the parts that go into the QA403 will be available. Orders have been on the books for well over 6 months, and delivery times continue to push out.

At this stage, the QA404 might be ready sooner. It should have slightly better performance than the QA403, and also has front-panel S/PDIF. It does not have, isolation. The BNC shells will be at the same potential as your PC. It most cases, this shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ll take one as soon as they are available.

Just for the record or so, model QA404 will replace model QA403? Or will both in future be available, one with isolation and one without that feature?

Hi @matt , please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that you’re going to make a ground in a new version tied to USB ground. If so, I’m afraid it will make the device significantly less convenient to use for design and prototyping purposes. When setup is messy, the last thing you want to do is to search for a ways on how to get rid of ground loop, or noise introduced by a junky USB port. I believe a good measurement equipment is either floating or gives an option to tie ground to something.

Grounding was one of the reasons I switched on using professional measurement equipment instead of sound card.

Anyways, good luck with the new version!

Hi @Joop99, it’s hard to know. If the isolation parts were available tomorrow, then more QA403’s would be built (in addition to the QA404). But if the QA404 releases, and then the isolation parts arrive, then the isolation would be added to the QA404 (since the QA404 has more features and should have better performance). Sorry this is so confusing. I really wish it were not.

Hi @sibiryakov, I also agree–isolation is always better. Thanks for the well wishes

Hi @matt, thanks for the info. I will have to wait patiently until its all available (QA403 or QA404, QA480 and QA351).