QA40x crashing (on a Mac running Windows 10)

I have a Mac laptop (the last version with an Intel processor allowing me to run Windows 10 natively using BootCamp).

QA40x used to work fine a long while ago (allowing me to run with and without my QA403 connected). Unfortunately, I updated to the latest version of QA40x and now it crashes after a warning Window pops up). This happens in stand-alone mode.

  1. Is there a known working release of QA40x that I can revert to?
  2. How can I go about debugging the crash?

I will fill in more details in a subsequent post if necessary…

Hi @Squasher, what does the warning window say?

You might try delete your default settings file. Go to the C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\QuantAsylum\QA40x folder and delete (or rename) the default.settings file. A new one will created next time you start the application.

If it still happens after that, you can launch the app with -L to enable logging, and/or -C to enable console output. One of those might give a clue what is preventing the app from running.

Thanks, Matt

Renaming the default.settings file and restarting the app solved the problem!

Thanks for the help!


As an aside, I’m attaching the Error message window that pops up…
Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 3.19.19 PM

Got it, thanks! that message should be more clear.