Scrolling the control pane

Am I the only one that finds scrolling through the control pane to be a hassle? A little bit of reworking of the layout should allow for it to be a fixed pane on an average laptop. Losing the logo and some of the grey space get you about 50% of the way there then a resize of the font will get it done.

this is the scroll as is.

even though this is a bit busier, it is fixed and constant. the scroll is always changing which can be much more confusing for the casual user.

Agree. I would appreciate a fixed panel on a 15.6” laptop screen.

If you have a mouse with a wheel, it’s almost unnoticeable. But a single panel would be ideal.

I agree. Made the same comment elsewhere only yesterday.

Hi @Dave, a very smart comment! For release 1.132 the logo was removed, and also arrow keys will allow you to scroll the panel (and the existing page up/down lets you scroll the panel even faster, and the mouse wheel lets you scroll even faster still). But more work will be done to address height (compressing graphics as you did is almost free, and the heights of the labels could be squeezed to and still readable).

Thanks very the very good thought you put into this!